The App

SafariEye is a ground-breaking management tool designed to give safari operators a much deeper insight into safari guide performance, guest safari experiences and wildlife and ecological trends across the seasons in their respective areas. 

The SafariEye app is deployed on ruggedised data collection devices that have been carefully selected for their durability, battery performance and advanced GPS capabilities to ensure minimum hassle for the guides and maximum accuracy of collected data. Our innovative 5-click recording process ensures that users can capture the data they need to easily and efficiently, with minimal impact on their primary role, guiding their guests.
Powered by the SMART Conservation software mainframe, SafariEye also adds the important advantage of being able to provide the respective local authorities or conservation organisations with timely and accurate information about illegal activities, poaching threats or events and landscape level wildlife and ecological data that may be encountered by guides whilst on safari.



Maria Khan

The Development


Digital Mapping is changing our world by documenting the real world, then integrating the information into our computers, phones, and lifestyles. Spurred on by the recent advent of space photography and more efficient global satellite positioning abilities the ancient art of cartography is now on the cutting edge of technology. 

Using the latest digital mapping technology available, we develop a customised digital map of your concession or wildlife area to create a powerful management platform which forms the backbone of the SafariEye system. 

Guides, management and other staff are included in this process to ensure that the end result is not only accurate but relevant and familiar to the team on the ground.


SafariEye’s Customisable Data Model is moulded to suit the specific needs of every operator to ensure they get the most out of the system.

Guide details, asset types and registration numbers, activity types offered and wildlife species present all vary from property to property so these are built as independent components within the system  to enable accurate and efficient reporting by each of the various metadata options giving the operator unprecedented access into how their guides are performing, assets are being utilised and which activities are more productive or popular than others.

How SafariEye Works


The Benefits

Your Business

  • Detailed & effective human resource reporting on guiding team including metrics on sightings, activity types, distance travelled, speed and guest satisfaction.


  • Detailed activity report highlighting metrics on asset usage per guide, activity type. 


  • Attractive monthly wildlife sightings report delivered in multiple formats for use on social media, blog posts and newsletters.


  • Annual ecological trends analysis report for planning purposes. 


  • Improved asset control for managers and owners

The Reports

Conservation Collaboration


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